Bonnie Treichel Interviewed by InvestmentNews on ESG Investing in 401(k) Plans

July 19, 2023
Endeavor Law Founding Partner, Bonnie Treichel, was interviewed by InvestmentNews and asked to opine on a recent study from As You Sow about mutual funds with exposure to controversial weapons and nuclear weapons in 401(k) plans. As explained by the study, “Many investors, given a choice, would not want to profit from companies that manufacture weapons of mass destruction,” said As You Sow.

However, as Treichel explained, the Department of Labor’s final rule governing ESG factors in retirement plans provides that “ERISA has long-standing principles of prudence and loyalty that require fiduciaries to not sacrifice returns or assume risk for social choices.”

To learn more, read the entire article and the study from As You Sow, available here.

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