Treichel quoted in Article about ESG Investing Following PLANADVISER event

November 11, 2023
Plan participants (or investors), plan sponsors (or employers) and retirement plan advisors all have an opportunity to continue to learn about environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing.

Bonnie Treichel, Founding Partner at Endeavor Law, was quoted in PLANADVISER, “Distinguishing between something that has been greenwashed versus what has actual signs of integration really takes rolling up their sleeves and doing the work,” said Treichel. “I think that is really one of the big problems for the masses of advisers and plan sponsors, not having access to the tools and resources to be able to get the real issue.”

To read more about Treichel’s insights and ESG investing, read Navigating ESG: Surveying the Landscape by Natalie Lin.

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